You argue with your teen all the time

 You lecture too much or find yourself yelling

 You can’t believe some of the things you are saying

 You are worried about your teen

The teenage years are your worst nightmare come true

 You are fed up with your teen

 Your teen avoids all conversations with you and you just don’t know how to connect

 Your teen make you feel disrespected

 Your teen seems lost or emotionally burdened

 Your child has become a mystery to you

I help parents understand their teens. I will give you the guidance you need to get out of that stuck place you’re in.

Lots of parents and caregivers feel overwhelmed with the teenage years! Your child is going through so many changes and many parents are scared or confused about adolescence as a stage of development. You might feel powerless, frustrated and just at a loss for how to guide your teen to future success. Maybe you’re really worried about how to reach your teen, and everything you tried before doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

It is possible to have a different relationship with your teen – one that is more positive and deeply connected. Parenting is NOT easy at all, but it is possible to gain the confidence to guide your child. You can become stronger and better equipped to take care of your child. You can discover your unique teen and feel proud of who they can become.

I’ll make sure your teen has a safe place to talk openly and understand themselves. I’ll also make sure you have a safe space to increase your self awareness, explore your fears and improve your communication. When both you and your teen become more self aware, the relationship will change.

I can’t make parenting easy, but I can help you feel more at ease parenting your child.

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