Hey Teen!

I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like anyone is on your side. I want to help change that.
If you haven’t been to therapy, it’s just a place for you to talk freely, without judgement, and get some guidance to figure stuff out. It’s a great way to feel like someone is on your team while you try to get through some tough times.

Look… life just kinda sucks sometimes!

So much is going on with friends, school and at home with your family. Maybe it feels like people just don’t get you and everyone is judging you and blaming you as if you’re the problem! You might even feel more angry than usual… or sad, rejected, confused or worried about lots of things. Maybe your folks have tried to talk to you about it all and you just don’t know what to say.

I want to help you and your family better understand each other.

That’s why I also work with your parents too (separately). You both will get the privacy to do the work to figure stuff out. You want to feel like your parents accept your good and your bad and love you no matter what. That’s what I will help them to do. Trust me, it’s totally possible to feel like your parents get you and have your back through thick and thin!

Look forward to meeting you in person!

Feel free to lurk on my different social media accounts much as you want. I won’t be able to answer any DMs since those aren’t confidential.

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3679 Motor Ave. #301
Los Angeles, Ca 90008

(310) 210-8748

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