The Most Depressed Man, This Is Us, Episode 7

This episode had a strong focus on men, and what seemed to me to be overwhelmed men. But there are two men who seem overwhelmed and unable to cope – Kevin and William. While others became frustrated or disappointed with their behaviors, all I could see was two men struggling with what could be unrecognized clinical depression. Depression often looks...[ read more ]

Emerging Adulthood, Anxiety & the Defense of Randall, This Is Us, episode 6

They have been watching Randall literally map things out since childhood while they were ok to “improvise.” Jack notes that Randall is “anxious and rigid” and that this is a problem. But is it? Is Randall’s anxiety a benefit or a drawback? I thought it’d be worth looking at the good and bad side of anxiety. I wasn’t ready for...[ read more ]

Jack, the Parentified Child – This Is Us, episode 5

As I watched the snippets of Jack’s interaction with his little brother Nicky, I was struck by how caring his voice became when his little brother woke up. And then it all hit me – THIS is why Jack is such an amazing father and caretaker. This is why Rebecca told Jack his fathering and spousal support was a “miracle.”...[ read more ]

Bonding Fails – This Is Us episode 4

We know family includes a strong focus on genetic ties, but we cannot ignore that bonding is what really holds a family together. Bonding happens in so many ways – through talking, rituals, activities and overall extended amounts of shared time together. Insides jokes, shared memories and even grieving together can create “family.” Everyone has to work at creating family...[ read more ]

The Thing About Pain – This Is Us Episode 3

We got to see what humans can do with pain – become overwhelmed by it like with Jack, where even alcohol couldn’t control it’s intensity, lock it away like a monster in a closet and never allow it to escape as Kevin tries to do, or have it hit so hard it envelops us like a fog and impacts our...[ read more ]

This Is Us, Ep. 2 – The Mother/Daughter Dynamic

We have seen all through season 1 the dynamic between Rebecca and Kate. We see what looks like an accepting mother, but learn that she is fundamentally not attuned to her daughter’s needs and emotional experiences. This episode gives us a bigger glimpse into their strained relationship when they have a confrontation after Kate’s first gig. Mothers and daughters will...[ read more ]

Four Life Lessons from This is Us Season 2 Premiere

So, it’s official. I love This Is Us. I can never keep up with all the tv shows that exist in the world, so I missed season 1. But thanks to the internet, I finally made time over the summer to binge watch the first season and oh my God. You simply cannot have a child psychologist watch that show...[ read more ]

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