Hurt People Hurt People – This Is Us, episode 18

If nothing else, This Is Us shows us how many different ways we can interpret and try to cope with our pain. The various choices for how we deal with pain are presented to us as they are – without judgment – and then we connect the dots to the aftermath. We get to see who owns their pain and...[ read more ]

The Reluctant Mother and a Childhood Deferred – This Is Us, episode 17

We expect the 19y reluctant Shauna to automatically know how to get a keep a job, how to create and stick to a budget, how to feed and care for herself all while managing the grief of losing her grandmother. On top of that, she must also keep another developing human alive through it all. That’s a lot to ask...[ read more ]

Vegas, Baby! This Is Us, episode 16

This episode may have been the most “realistic” episode for a TV drama because we were shown the way a trip to Vegas with friends can often go – rather than the glitz and glamour and partying like people in the Vegas of the movies, we see the reality. They’re back! We had a break, but now we’re back to...[ read more ]

Making Amends with Guilt & Shame – This Is Us, episode 13

Kevin, who always felt excluded, did not even get to share the most life-changing day of his family’s existence with them. He was an outsider even to his own father’s death. And I couldn’t help but think once Kate found him and told him what happened, his thoughts probably went right to the last thing he said to his father...[ read more ]

Fake It ‘Til You Make It – This Is Us, episode 15

After this past Sunday’s episode, I was really watching for what Rebecca would do because I knew the kid’s ability to begin grieving would hinge on whether or not she could muster some of that Jack-style confidence, compassion, affection, strength and guidance. It came a little too easily if you ask me (I mean, it is a TV show), but...[ read more ]

Parenting as a Widow – This Is Us, episode 14

And so, again, Rebecca is devastated. She now had to wrap her mind around the death of her husband in the midst of having no home to return to and three kids to take care of. This is a Herculean task by any measure. How would anyone survive? Rebecca may appear to be the poster child for the quote “You...[ read more ]

Can We Talk About Madison?- This Is Us, episode 12

A person struggling with bulimia nervosa is obsessed with their weight but their relationship with food is more heavily influenced by emotional triggers than a pure obsession to be thin. Another episode with my favorite family. I thought we would get some big reveal with Kevin and Miguel talking, but I felt a little let down. Did you? I’m glad...[ read more ]

The Fifth Wheel & Family Therapy, This Is Us, Episode 11

I love family therapy. I simply love it. Why? Because the gloves come off in family therapy! Usually, in individual therapy, the client is on their best behavior. A teen alone will say that they are “always” respectful to their parents and a parent will explain how they just want the best for their children. But in family therapy? When...[ read more ]

The Squeaky Wheel Problem, This Is Us, episode 9 &10

We also don’t apply the concept of checkups to raising a child. We often wait until the child’s problem begins “squeaking” loud enough for us to stop and figure out what’s wrong. I think it’s worth exploring the idea of a child check up, to try and help a family stay away from those more difficult squeaky wheel moments. Ok,...[ read more ]

What Have We Done To Number One? This Is Us, episode 8

We see that from birth Kevin was molded and shaped by a type of masculinity that ended up becoming an emotional trap. Everyone around him aided in the development of this masculinity throughout his childhood and adolescence – from Jack and Rebecca to his coaches, girlfriends and peers. Social scientists now realize that teaching this type of masculinity is deeply...[ read more ]

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